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Gleb's passion for helping people use science to make effective decisions and reach their goals led him and his wife, Agnes Vishnevkin, both UU Humanists, to co-found Intentional Insights in the Winter of 2014. Since that time, Gleb has collaborated with a group of like-minded enthusiasts to translate academic research on rational thinking and emotional intelligence into pragmatic tools and strategies relevant to a broad public. He was always excited about such ideas, leading him to get a PhD researching the intersection of history and psychology, specifically focusing on emotions, meaning and purpose, decision making, and agency in historical contexts. Gleb currently holds a tenure-track professorship at The Ohio State University and is a member of the Decision Sciences Collaborative there. He published dozens of peer-reviewed essays in academic venues in the US, UK, France, Germany, Russia, and elsewhere, as well as numerous popular articles, and serves on a number of boards.


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