Volunteer Opportunities

Behind the scenes, the Board of Directors of the Unitarian Universalist Humanist Association (UUHA) has been brainstorming new and exciting ideas for the organization as we look to 2021 and beyond. The UUHA is ready to find fresh ways to fulfill our mission to serve our members and the principles of Humanism and Unitarian Universalism across the country and beyond. 

To that end, the UUHA leadership would love your help in our efforts.

We are looking for volunteers to help us form our primary organization committees, which in turn will lay the groundwork to revitalize our programming, outreach, and services we provide for our membership. We are seeking volunteers across various sectors of our work, from internal operations to member-facing programs. And so, depending on your interests and passions, you might be the volunteer we're looking for!

Some more information on our committees and the work is listed further down. But click the link below too apply to be a volunteer!


Complete Volunteer Application Here


The application itself might take moment (10-15 minutes), but it should give you a great idea of the kind of help we need. And conversely, it helps us better understand where your volunteer skills and passions might be best-suited.

Below are the committees we're looking to fill with volunteers:

Journal Committee:

This Committee is the editorial board of the UUHA's flagship publication, the Journal of Religious Humanism. They will select the themes for each edition of the e-journal, which is published semi-annually, and they will collect submissions and oversee the production and distribution schedule. Volunteers will be expected to meet periodically, review submissions, and provide editorial insight at every stage. 

Programming & Content Committee:

This Committee covers the most ground and, therefore, requires the most volunteers. This committee will commence planning for our annual presence at the UUA's General Assembly. We also need creative minds interested in fleshing out our event calendar, and in helping us offer exciting new programming to UU Humanists throughout the year. We are also looking to host events and learning sessions via online forums like Zoom, so support from tech-savvy volunteers will be vital!

If you're a writer or blogger interested in UU and Religious Humanism, we are also looking for folks to help generate regular content on our blog.

Communications & Membership Committee

This Committee will be dedicated to fostering and maintaining the UUHA's relationship to its members -- be they current, former, or prospective. Volunteers keen to help with member development, communication, and renewal will be especially valued here. If you're social media-savvy, you could help improve our online presence -- particularly through social media and our e-newsletters -- for members current and prospective to see!

This committee will also oversee the work of our two most prominent outreach efforts: the Freethinker Friendly Program and the UUHA Ambassador Program.

Finance Committee

Perhaps the most internal of our committees, the Finance team will support the UUHA's Treasurer/Secretary to regularly manage and report the financial status of the UUHA. This will include the process of drafting a budget ahead of each fiscal year (soliciting inupt from the other committees in the process), and setting realistic fundraising and development goals for the organization. The committee will also have responsibility of managing the UUHA's corporate records, from tax filings to bill payments to archiving meeting minutes and key documents.

This Committee has the least extensive workload, and likely requires the fewest volunteers. But if you're the sort of person who loves working behind the scenes, this is the Committee for you!

Other Needs

Some other necessary work not covered by the above four Committees may arise. And while that is unlikely to happen in the immediate future, we may require volunteers for such work (Chaplain support, policy & Bylaws work, board elections, liaising with partner organizations, website & technical support, creative work, etc).


As you can hopefully tell, we are looking for volunteers ready to take an ACTIVE role in developing the UUHA. Whether you can only commit an hour a month or you can commit over ten hours a month, we do need volunteers who are committed. Fill out the Volunteer form so we can gauge your interests/passions.

We will see if there's an opening for you on any of our Committees, and we will get back to you as soon as each Committee Chair is ready to begin work. Absolutely contact us if you have any question.

Thank you so much for your interest in Volunteering with the UUHA!