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Sneaking One Over on the Humanists (warning: snark)

By David Breeden

[Editor's note: This is the second article published recently that makes a case against the use of traditional religious language in Unitarian Universalism. As the poll of our members and friends indicates (at least with the current sample) about a third of you have no problem with such language though, unsurprisingly, few UU Humanists prefer it. I would like to publish an article that makes the case that using traditional religious language is not an issue. Please consider submitting one.] Read more about Sneaking One Over on the Humanists (warning: snark) »

As a non-theist, what is your feeling about the use of religious language in Unitarian Universalism?

We would like some information about UU non-theists' opinions on the use of words like the ones in the word collage above  in Unitarian Universalism. Please respond to this poll if you consider yourself a UU (even if you are not "officially" a member) and if you are a non-theist of any type (atheist, agnostic, humanist, freethinker, ignostic, apatheist, etc.) Once you place your vote you will see the current vote counts.

Please share this poll with your friends so we can get the widest sample possible.

If you would like to elaborate on your answer, please use the comment form below. Read more about As a non-theist, what is your feeling about the use of religious language in Unitarian Universalism? »

Journal Article: Brave, Clean, and Reverent?

By Dave Hunter, originally published in the journal "religious humanism", Vol. 44, No. 1. 


In which Pooh and Piglet explore the 100-acre wood and the meaning of reverence. (apologies to A.A. Milne)

Pooh and Piglet are out for a walk.

Pooh: Christopher Robin wants me to join the Cub Scouts.

Piglet: What’s that?

Pooh: It’s sort of a club for young bears; they do things together.

Piglet: Sounds like fun.

Pooh: But you have to learn stuff.

Piglet: Like what?

Pooh: Like what is reverence.

They continue walking, quietly, then Pooh says:

Pooh: Piglet, we’re in the 100-acre wood.

Piglet: Why, so we are. Look at those trees.

Pooh: They’re so tall, I can’t see the tops of them.

Piglet: How do they make you feel?

Pooh: I don’t know. They’ve always been here. They’ll always be here. They’re awesome. I’m humbled. I’m speechless.

Piglet: Did you know that the trees provide homes for birds and bumble bees and badgers?

Pooh: What good trees. I just want to say thank you.

Piglet: How would you feel if someone wanted to cut them all down? Read more about Journal Article: Brave, Clean, and Reverent? »


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