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This means that the blog's content reflects the diversity of the opinions of the authors and is not just the "official party line" of the Association. As Humanists, we welcome diversity of opinion and encourage civil discourse through comments on these posts and on our social media pages. 

The UUHA at General Assembly 2022

The UU Humanist Association will have a modest and mostly online presence at General Assembly this year, If you're in Portland this year, Come visit us on Thursday in the Exhibition Hall, and learn a little bit more about us!

The real programming, though, will be available regardless of whether you're at GA this year. Below are our daily discussions, each of whch will be hosted on Zoom. You can follow the link below, or you can find login information on our virtual Exhibition on the Whova App.


Wednesday June 22
DISCUSSION: Introduction to the UUHA
2:30 pm Pacific (3:30pm Mountain | 4:30pm Central | 5:30pm Eastern)
What is the UUHA? What does it mean to be a Humanist within the UU tradition? What do Humanists bring to GA each year?  UUHA Board Members Leika Lewis Cornwell, James Witker, Roger Brewin, and Jack Reich answer your questions about our organization's mission, values, and programming. Read more about The UUHA at General Assembly 2022 »

"How We Live Out Our Humanism" Edition of Religious Humanism Journal Available to Members Today!

We are pleased to announce the publication of our latest edition of the UUHA's official publication, the Journal of Religious Humanism. Paid UUHA members should receive a digital copy of the journal via email today.

Our latest issue of the journal is "How We Live Out Our Humanism"

In this issue we prompt our superb contributors to “tell us about your Humanist group’s community service, or an unusual family tradition, or an occasional gathering of friends to pursue a common passion, or an individual quest that reflects the best of humanism as you know it.” The results are an eclectic mix of impassioned reports on the work of Humanist communities and social justice organizations, along with deeply personal reflections on family, service to others and the human condition.


EARTH DAY CONCERT: Jim Scott Performing Wednesday Evening

UU Humanist members and friends are invited to celebrate Earth Day by joining a free concert Wednesday evening featuring Jim Scott, Martha Sandefer and special guests.

Jim Scott, internationally acclaimed composer, singer, and longtime UUHA member was the guitarist with the Paul Winter Consort and co-composer of their Missa Gaia/Earth Mass. Jim and long-time collaborator Martha Sandefer will sing of the beauty, power and fragility of this life support system and make the case for our immediate action. Read more about EARTH DAY CONCERT: Jim Scott Performing Wednesday Evening »

DARWIN DAY EVENT - One of Degree and Not of Kind: Darwin Widens the Circle

In honor of Darwin Day this coming weekend, The UU Humanist Association is excited to offer a free Zoom presentation and celebrate the birthday, the work, and the legacy of Charles Darwin.

One of Degree and Not of Kind: Darwin Widens the Circle

  • Date: Sunday, February 13
  • Time: 7:00pm Eastern (6:00pm Central | 5:00pm Mountain | 4:00pm Pacific)
  • Where: Zoom (Login instructions are listed below)

To quote Darwin himself from The Descent of Man:

“The difference in mind between man and the higher animals, great as it is, certainly is one of degree and not of kind.” -- Charles Darwin.

This Zoom event presentation and Discussion will be led on Zoom by Rev. Dr. David Breeden of First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis, and by Rev. Roger Brewin, UUHA Board Member and famed Darwin impersonator. Read more about DARWIN DAY EVENT - One of Degree and Not of Kind: Darwin Widens the Circle »

VIDEO: Winter Solstice - Reason for the Season!

Was Tom Flynn right that there is no benefit for humanists and secularists to December celebrations? Jon Cleland Host - who has been celebrating the Winter Solstice with his family for nearly two decades - discussed that question during Sunday's public Zoom presentation, using the reality-based traditions which have both built critical thought, as well as brought joy to his kids year after year. If you missed it, no worries! You can watch the conversation right here.

Jon is a materials scientist who lives in Michigan. A member and active volunteer for UUHA, he authors the blog Naturalistic Paganism.

The discussion is also embedded below:

Read more about VIDEO: Winter Solstice - Reason for the Season! »


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