Seeding Humanist Groups

From Pat Everett, admin of the "Seeding" Humanist Groups email list:

The "Seeding" Humanist Groups email list was launched at the 2011 UUA GA, and now has 70 members.  The aim is to share ideas and enthusiasm for seeding new Humanist groups across the country, generally out of existing UU congregations, perhaps also in other ways. Join at

The Concord Area Humanists (CAH), formed four years ago in Concord, Mass, is now successful enough to propose as a possible model, but not as a limitation.  Those in CAH will also be looking for new ideas to improve its performance and help it grow further. 

We will encourage such local Humanist groups to affiliate with both the American Humanist Association and with the UU HUUmanists.  The CAH group is already a Chapter of the AHA and affiliated with the HUUmanists.  We aim to also bring the voices of the other Secular and Humanist-oriented groups in the country, as is already happening with the Secular Coalition of America.  

Just think what could happen if even half the over 1,000 UU congregations were to seed a CAH equivalent in their areas!  We would be well on the way to making Humanism significant on the US landscape.  We could expect a significant portion of these to also become individual members of UU HUUmanists and of AHA.  What a goal!  We have enormous possibilities if we all work together in propagating the powerful common Humanist message.


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Maria Greene is the UU Humanist Association's former part-time Executive Director. (Maria has stepped down at the end of 2017 to attend to some extended family health issues.) Maria is also a professional web developer who lives in Massachusetts with her husband, their three busy kids and assorted pets. Maria's home congregation is the First Parish Church of Stow & Acton, she helps coordinate the Concord Area Humanists, a UUHA local group and chapter of the American Humanist Association that meets in Concord, MA, she is a volunteer with the Secular Coalition for Massachusetts, and with the Boston Coalition of Reason.