An essay contest: Why I Am a UU Humanist

Stories help bind people together. We want to know why you, as a Humanist, have found a home in a Unitarian Universalist congregation. For instance, how long have you been a Humanist and how did that happen? How long have you been a UU and why? We want to hear your thoughts on what Humanism has to offer UU congregations and what being a UU can offer Humanists.

Don't limit yourself to these questions, though. Inspire us! Share with us and each other what you get from being a Humanist UU or challenge us with what you think is missing. Does the UU community satisfy your need for friendship, intellectual stimulation, social service, inspiration? How can it be a more welcoming environment for Humanists? Tell us your story.

We will publish selected essays in our blog at and announce the winners next year at our 2014 annual meeting.  Please submit your essay by May 26 and limit yourself to 1500 words. Also please indicate if you are a high school or college student because there will be scholarship awards (amounts to be determined) for the winning essays for these age groups. The winning non-student essay will receive a free HUUmanists Association membership and the top three (chosen by HUU board members) will receive a gift certificate for any book from our store. We look forward to hearing from you!


About Maria Greene

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Maria Greene is the UU Humanist Association's former part-time Executive Director. (Maria has stepped down at the end of 2017 to attend to some extended family health issues.) Maria is also a professional web developer who lives in Massachusetts with her husband, their three busy kids and assorted pets. Maria's home congregation is the First Parish Church of Stow & Acton, she helps coordinate the Concord Area Humanists, a UUHA local group and chapter of the American Humanist Association that meets in Concord, MA, she is a volunteer with the Secular Coalition for Massachusetts, and with the Boston Coalition of Reason.


where do I send my essay for the what's your story essay contest.

Hi, bob k. You may use the Contact form. I look forward to reading it!

When is the cutoff date?

The cutoff date for the contest is May 26 so the board members have time to read the essays and vote at their June 23 meeting just before General Assembly in Providence (where the winner will be announced).

Thanks for asking!