Strong Roots for the Spiritual Journey

Linda Hart


I suspect that there are those of you out there who know this experience well:  you’ve arrived in body, but instead of being right here, present to this moment and what’s going on now, you’re making lists and rerunning your own little home movies of the conversation you had with your daughter yesterday afternoon or the argument you had with your wife this morning.  Your soul hasn’t yet caught up with where you are.

This is one variety of insight that people are referring to when they speak of spirituality, a term that is as vague as could be, often difficult to decipher.  It is one of the facets of the ongoing conversation that is happening in your congregation and across the United States and Canada in the Unitarian Universalist Association.  It’s a conversation that needs to be brought more clearly to the surface, to help us understand each other and see what it is that holds us together.

[Editor’s note:  Linda’s article contains material drawn from two different services—the material presented here includes readings as well as sermonic excerpts.]

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