The Courageous Humanists

Anne C. Fox

Editor’s Introduction.

From one perspective, these two articles by Ann Fox and Arthur Falk have little in common. One is short and exuberant, a hymn of praise to UU humanism from a fellow UU; the other a lengthier treatise than we usually publish, from a non-UU on a far more scholarly subject, replete with annotations and references.  I’ve placed them together because they are, to me, asymmetrical 40th anniversary bookends for the wide conversation this publication promotes:  the ongoing interchange between humanist and other views with UUism, and the interaction between religious humanists and those of a more secular bent.  I encourage you to read them together, and imagine them in context:

Ann’s sermon to a congregation, many of whom know little of humanism, and Arthur’s talk to an audience of secular humanists, who incidentally, know only a little of UUism.