UUHumanists of Washington County

We are affiliated with the Unitarian-Universalist Community Church of Washington County. We believe that humanism offers advantages over all current religions. Today, we modern people have knowledge that gives us an advantage over our ancestors in making sense of our world and our place in it. However, there is much room for improvement in applying this knowledge for the benefit of all humanity. Through discussions on germane topics including secular based ethics and morality, free will, and the fostering of peaceful human relationships, we hope to learn from each other and encourage group fellowship in striving for a better tomorrow.

We are an open group with no commitments. All are welcome at any time including atheists, agnostics, religious naturalists, and even Christians (to add a little spice to the conversation.)

Meeting Location: 
Hillsboro, Oregon
22785 NW Birch Street
Hillsboro, OR 97124
United States
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