The UU Humanists' Blog is a curated blog -- this means we highly encourage members and those with an interest in Humanism within the Unitarian Universalist tradition to submit articles for publication. The blog is curated so we may negotiate edits for clarity or length and we reserve the right to not publish every submitted article.

This means that the blog's content reflects the diversity of the opinions of the authors and is not just the "official party line" of the Association. As Humanists, we welcome diversity of opinion and encourage civil discourse through comments on these posts and on our social media pages. 

ONLINE ZOOM EVENT: Winter Solstice - Reason for the Season!

You're Invited to Join UUHA Board members for an online our year-end celebration:

Winter Solstice - The Reason for the Season!

  • WHEN: Sunday December 19
  • TIME: 7:00pm Eastern (6:00pm Central | 5:00pm MST | 4:00pm Pacific)
  • WHERE: Zoom Meeting (Login info Below)

Was Tom Flynn right that there is no benefit for humanists and secularists to December celebrations? Jon Cleland Host - who has been celebrating the Winter Solstice with his family for nearly two decades - will try to answer that question, using the reality-based traditions which have both built critical thought, as well as brought joy to his kids year after year.

Consider bringing a candle, and something to light it with, for our discussion!

Jon is a materials scientist who lives in Michigan. A member and active volunteer for UUHA, he authors the blog Naturalistic Paganism. Read more about ONLINE ZOOM EVENT: Winter Solstice - Reason for the Season! »

Religious Humanism Journal: Call for Submissions

We hope all UUHA members enjoyed our most recent edition of the Journal of Religious Humanism. The time has already come for our journal editors to plan for our first issue of the new year. If you have ever been interested in submitting an article for our journal, we have your next opportunity:

Theme for Vol. 49, Issue 2:

How We Live Out Our Humanism

We are looking for stories of how your life is impacted by your humanist values - something that you “do” that expresses your humanist identity. Examples might include personal commitments, relationship building, or communal endeavors.

Tell us about your Humanist group’s community service, or an unusual family tradition; an occasional gathering of friends to pursue a common passion, or a solitary quest that reflects the best of humanism as you understand it. Read more about Religious Humanism Journal: Call for Submissions »

UUHA Annual Meeting This Saturday

This weekend the UU Humanist Association will hold its Annual Meeting. This is one of our organization’s most important events, as it gives the UUHA Board of Directors a chance to meet directly with its membership and it gives members a chance to vote on the proposed UUHA board election slate.

Information on what is expected at our Annual Meetings can be reviewed in the UUHA Bylaws (Article III).

Similar to last year, the 2021 Annual Meeting will be hosted via the Zoom Conferencing Application. We also plan to award our Person of the Year Award to ethical evangelist Jé Exodus Hooper. Read more about UUHA Annual Meeting This Saturday »

"Doubt & Mystery: A Humanist Calendar" Edition of Religious Humanism Journal Available to Members Today!

We are pleased to announce the publication of our latest edition of the UUHA's official publication, the Journal of Religious Humanism. Paid UUHA members should receive a digital copy of the journal via email today.

Our latest issue of the journal is "Doubt and Mystery: A Humanist Calendar."

This issue explores one means of ritualizing those very human emotions—a calendar of humanist holidays—regular opportunities for exploring that difficult but worthwhile goal, linking our appreciation of the mysteries of life and of the Cosmos, with our natural skepticism.



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