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Rev. David Breeden: A Philosophy of Radical Humanist Welcome

A Philosophy of Radical Humanist Welcome
Rev. Dr. David Breeden, Senior Minister, First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis
A philosophy of radical welcome rooted in Humanism necessarily dives to to the very essence of what it means
  • to be human,
  • to be human in the fullness of human potential,
  • and to be human in a community of care.
As so many of the world’s religious and philosophical writings advise, and as evolution appears to have selected for, we human beings are at our best when we are welcoming the stranger.
The radical in radical welcoming goes further than mere welcome because we free-thinking people also read human psychology, and therefore we know that there is so much more to being human than those human attibributes that traditionally get shared at most human gatherings.

Online Event: Imagine There’s No Heaven - Thurs May 18

Please join the UUHA in a few weeks for a terrific online discussion!

Imagine There’s No Heaven

A Humanist Approach to Mortality and Memorial with Rabbi Adam Chalom
Thursday, May 18th at 8:00pm Eastern/7:00pm Central.

If this life is the only life we know, how do we face that reality with courage? If loss is final, how can we celebrate life while acknowledging the depth of our grief? Our connections to other people give our lives meaning and are the key to addressing our mortality and the human need for memorial. Love transcends nature, weaving the living and the dead into the loving embrace of meaningful memory.

Join the UUHA for an opportunity to learn from Rabbi Adam Chalom, leader of Kol Hadash Humanistic Congregation and a past contributor to our Journal of Religious Humanism. Adam will present and then join us for questions and conversation.

Below is Zoom Login Information: Read more about Online Event: Imagine There’s No Heaven - Thurs May 18 »

RELIGIOUS HUMANISM JOURNAL: Call for Submissions - "Humanist Work and Communities, A Compendium"

For the upcoming issue of the Journal of Religious Humanism (Volume 50 #2), we are seeking submissions.
This issue's theme will be "Humanist Work and Communities, A Compendium"
The UUHA plans a volume of short articles about groups and individuals who perform significant humanist work, and/or offer community and services for non-theists. 
We seek suggestions of individuals and groups who write or publish books and periodicals, print or digital, produce online lectures, conversations, and webinars, hold in-person presentations and workshops, conduct weekly, monthly or quarterly gatherings, or otherwise offer humanist help and content to folks beyond their immediate members.

ZOOM DISCUSSION: Active Humanism - A Conversation with Luciano Gonzalez-Vega THIS FRIDAY

Humanist writer and activist Luciano Gonzalez-Vega will join the UUHA for a conversation about their life, work, and vision for an active and action-oriented humanism in the year ahead. Luciano’s writing about the intersections of religion, freethought, and culture has been prominently featured in The Humanist and OnlySky media. They also served as co-chair of the Latinx Humanist alliance, and have been affiliated with the Secular Latino Alliance and Hispanic American Freethinkers.

We will have a chance to learn about Luciano’s own religious roots and journey to atheism and humanism, their emphasis on humanism that centers service and social justice, and interest in the potential of congregational humanism and humanist chaplaincy, among other topics. All are welcome to join us via Zoom for a discussion and Q&A.

Please RSVP on Facebook, or join us directly using the Zoom Login instruction below. Read more about ZOOM DISCUSSION: Active Humanism - A Conversation with Luciano Gonzalez-Vega THIS FRIDAY »


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