August 2017

Fight Theocracy: Share the Plate

Across the world, there are individuals who are in prison for so-called blasphemy, who face murder for their skepticism, and who have been threatened with assassination for questioning religious and political leaders.

In 2014, a popular blogger in the Maldives, Yameen Rasheed wrote, "For all my tax money that goes to pay their salaries, the only service I can get in return from Maldives Police is baton charges, random threats, harassment, and rude anonymous comments on my blog – and being prevented from voting in elections."

Yameen was murdered this past April.

Humanists in wealthy, democratic countries have an opportunity to do something to help our peers around the world who are facing death threats for open expression and liberal values. Read more about Fight Theocracy: Share the Plate »

When Colorblindness Isn't The Answer -- A Discussion Guide

Anthony Pinn’s new book, When Colorblindness Isn’t The Answer: Humanism and the Challenge of Race (order your copy today at Pitchstone Publishing or Amazon), provides an instructive manual for humanists seeking to bridge the gap between humanist theory and praxis when it comes to racial justice. You can read a book review here. Read more about When Colorblindness Isn't The Answer -- A Discussion Guide »