A Message from the President on GA and Board Elections

Dear Unitarian Universalist Humanists:

It was great meeting so many of you at our Black Humanism panel, our booth, and our Annual Meeting at General Assembly. Mandisa Thomas, founder of Black Nonbelievers and our Person of the Year, was an inspiring speaker.

Our General Assembly 2018 session on Black Humanism not only demonstrated the centrality of Humanism in the African American experience, but also the centrality of Black Humanism as Unitarian Universalists strive toward the liberation of all people.

I think that Rev. Dr. William R. Jones will someday soon be recognized as the central UU theologian of the twentieth century. His message harkened back to the deepest commitment of the Humanists who signed the first Humanist Manifesto, dedicating themselves to striving for “a shared life in a shared world.”

Much is happening in the larger humanist world. In March humanist leaders and activists will be gathering for the second Humanist Collaboratory at Washington Ethical Society in Washington, D.C. This gathering will include representatives from Unitarian Universalism, Ethical Culture, and Humanistic Judaism.

Religious Humanism Press, the UUHA imprint, will soon release Religious Humanism: The Good Life Lived in Community by Andy C Reese and Peter A Kandis. This is an excellent introduction of Unitarian Universalist Humanism.

Our commitment to that "shared life" has practical implications in the leadership we choose for the UUHA. We are writing to ask you to approve new officers for the coming year. You will notice that I am stepping away from the presidency and Rev. Amanda Poppei is stepping forward. It is time that our UUHA Board better reflects the rich diversity of UU Humanists.

Here is the Board’s proposed slate for 2018-2019:

  • Rev. Amanda Poppei, President
  • Adam Gonnerman, Vice-President
  • Rev. Dr. David Breeden, Secretary
  • Jim Barnett, Treasurer

At Large

  • James Witker
  • Rev. Heather Christensen
  • Greg Seaman


Please send suggestions for possible Board members.


UUHA Members may



Rev. Jones distinguished between what he called a “survival theology” and a “liberation theology.”  Dedicated to reason, compassion, and community, Humanism is a theology of freethought and liberation. We carry that message to Unitarian Universalists and the world.

Rev. Dr. David Breeden

P.S: The UUHA exists because of your financial support. Please consider giving.

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Rev. Dr. David Breeden is the social media manager of the UU Humanist Association, serves as Chair of the Education Committee of the American Humanist Association, and is Senior Minister at First Unitarian Society, Minneapolis. David has a Master of Fine Arts in poetry from The Iowa Writers’ Workshop and a PhD from the Center for Writers at the University of Southern Mississippi, with additional study in writing and Buddhism at Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado. He also has a Master of Divinity degree from Meadville Lombard Theological School. He blogs at https://medium.com/@davidbreeden7. He tweets at @dbreeden.