The Humanist Community Project & UU Humanists

Have you heard about the Humanist Community Project? They are, "a Cambridge-based initiative to help create, establish, and connect a stronger nationwide network of Humanist communities focused on individual, group, and societal betterment, for the benefit of the secular and freethought movement." In other words, they are group that seeks to promote "Godless Congregations". Greg Epstein, the group's leader, described the project at the HUUmanists 2013 UUA General Assembly program, and explained that "Godless Congregations" is also the title of an upcoming book that he and co-author James Croft are working on. 

It has been the Humanist Community Project's intention to "work with and learn from emerging and established forms of positive community for the nonreligious", including the UUA, from the begining. The UU Humanist Association, fulfilling it's mission "to provide an active interface between Unitarian Universalists and the secular community", has been seeking to assist the group with funding and with facilitating dialog and connections between the HCP and UUA. 

President John Hooper and director Maria Greene represented the UU Humanists at The Humanist Hub grand opening celebration in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA on December 8, 2013. At the event, John was pleased to present Greg with the first of several checks from the UU Humanists. He had this to say:

I’m very excited about the potential for cooperation between Unitarian Universalists and the Humanist Community Project.  Developing a close working relationship with Greg Epstein’s initiative is a natural for the UU Humanist Association.  The UUHA Board voted unanimously to invest $5000 in this synergistic, cooperative effort.  But ours isn’t the only UU investment in HCP.  The UU Funding panel has also awarded a $5000 grant to the program (initiated by the UUHA), the UUA is putting in $3000, and individual UUs connected with the UUHA have contributed another $12000.  We are looking forward to catalyzing cooperation between the HCP, the UUA and many UU congregations across the country.  As Maria Greene, our development and communications director, has described in a recent AHA Humanist Network News article, Unitarian Universalist Congregations are natural “Habitats for Humanism.”  


About Maria Greene

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Maria Greene is the UU Humanist Association's former part-time Executive Director. (Maria has stepped down at the end of 2017 to attend to some extended family health issues.) Maria is also a professional web developer who lives in Massachusetts with her husband, their three busy kids and assorted pets. Maria's home congregation is the First Parish Church of Stow & Acton, she helps coordinate the Concord Area Humanists, a UUHA local group and chapter of the American Humanist Association that meets in Concord, MA, she is a volunteer with the Secular Coalition for Massachusetts, and with the Boston Coalition of Reason.