Beyond Congregations: The Humanist Community Project at Harvard

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On June 22 at the UUA General Assembly in Kentucky, the HUUmanists Association sponsored a program that was a dialog between John Hooper, president of the HUUmanists, and Greg Epstein, Humanist Chaplain at Harvard University.

Several recent studies have revealed that a rapidly increasing percentage of young people are affiliating with no religious tradition. Greg Epstein, founder and leader of a vibrant secular community organization, will describe a unique response to “the rise of the nones” that is succeeding beyond expectations.

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Maria Greene is the UU Humanist Association's former part-time Executive Director. (Maria has stepped down at the end of 2017 to attend to some extended family health issues.) Maria is also a professional web developer who lives in Massachusetts with her husband, their three busy kids and assorted pets. Maria's home congregation is the First Parish Church of Stow & Acton, she helps coordinate the Concord Area Humanists, a UUHA local group and chapter of the American Humanist Association that meets in Concord, MA, she is a volunteer with the Secular Coalition for Massachusetts, and with the Boston Coalition of Reason.


A humanist community congregation sounds great and Unitarian Universalism certainly allows humanism. I do not think attempting to be all to all and tolerating any religious dogma is moving in a better direction. Our thinking needs to move beyond religion to a philosophy of humanism. Most churches do good but are still about worshiping a God. To worship anything enslaves the mind. The best thing to have faith in - is yourself! Humanism is not a religion and need not be!

I looked for an MP3 of this and none was available. Then I found the UUA gen mtg website. I think UUA policy of charging for the programs is very shortsighted! To make this convenient I need to be able to download to my device. This is disappointing not to be able to listen to this.

Hi, Nonymouse. You may need to upgrade your browser but you should see controls to play the audio right under the heading "Listen to the program". Contact me through the menu link above if you can't get it to work.