Notes on the Religious Humanism Press

Becoming More Fully Human as eBook

Bill Murry’s book Becoming More Fully Human: Religious Humanism as a Way of Life, published in 2011, is building an ever wider following and is now available in digital form by arrangement with the Humanist Press (American Humanist Association).  The web site is

Upcoming Volumnes

Our next volume, Mike Werner’s Regaining Balance: The Evolution of the UUA, is currently in preparation for the press, and we expect to have copies for display at our exhibit booth at the coming General Assembly.  It’s the first in a projected series entitled “Voices of Diversity,” intended to call forth much-needed conversations about issues too often ignored, or possibly even thought by some to be too controversial for open discussion. 

Other books currently being prepared and under prominent consideration for this series include studies by Sarah Oelberg and Robert Tapp of neglected and therefore little-known yet significant episodes in Unitarian Universalist Humanist history.  From what we have seen of these works in progress we are confident that they and other similarly thought-provoking publications will generate great interest in months to come. 

David Schafer's picture

David Schafer is a retired medical physiologist with a second career as a Unitarian Universalist Humanist leader. David is President Emeritus of HUUmanists and is chair of the Review Board of our Religious Humanist Press. He lives with June, his wife of 60+ years, in Hamden CT, a suburb of New Haven. He has hobbies and other interests too numerous to mention. He still enjoys teaching.